Ron Higgins'  
Current Education Issues

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson and Ron Higgins, taken in December 2013.  Rev. Peterson is the host of the Jesse Lee Peterson radio show and the founder of the non-profit religious organization Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND).
Ron Higgins at the controls of a UH-1N twin-engine “Huey” helicopter while serving as a squadron pilot in HML-776 (Marine Light Helicopter Squadron 776) at Glenview Naval Air Station. 
Ron Higgins with a student of his daughter's, taken at WSU Pullman, where his daughter was a mathematics teacher.
Nate Higgins, Ron Higgins' son, with Pete Carroll at the Campus of the University of Southern California (USC).  Pete Carroll formerly coached football at USC and currently is the coach of the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League.
Ron Higgins flanked by two Los Angeles public high school students who attended a class that Ron substitute taught while he resided in Los Angeles in 2015.  
Ron Higgins presenting a plaque to a social studies teacher to commemorate the presentation of pocket US Constitutions to the teacher's students. The plaque quotes George Washington's opinion concerning the importance of civics education to our youth who are destined to be the future guardians of our liberty.
​​Ron Higgins with Bishop Henning at the Ward African Methodist Episcopal Church in Los Angeles, the church that Ron attended while he was in Los Angeles assisting his son, Nate. Nate was working fulltime while attending evening classes at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, the institution from which Nate earned his MBA. 
A picture (left to right) of Ron Higgins and a member of a Spanish-language Pentecostal Church.  The church was doing open-air ministry at the corner of Pico Boulevard and Vermont Avenue in Los Angeles, and Ron joined them several times to distribute New Testaments in Spanish and English.    
A picture (left to right) of Ron Higgins’ wife, Debbie, Ron, and Colonel Bharrow.  Colonel Bharrow retired from the Indian Army as a colonel in the artillery.    
A picture of Ron Higgins (fourth from the left) and five teen-age participants in the Fourth of July Parade in Pasco in 2017.  Ron, while substitute teaching, had all of these teenagers as his students.
A picture of Ron Higgins recording a session of his “Liberty and Posterity” radio program, which is broadcast Saturday mornings at 10:00 AM over the entire American Christian Network and can be heard locally in the Tri-Cities on KGDN, 101.3 FM.
A picture of Ron Higgins with three ladies who were participants in the Juneteenth celebration in Pasco in 2016.
A picture of Ron Higgins flanked by three members of the Ward African-Methodist Episcopal Church, the principal church that Ron attended while staying in Los Angeles to assist his son.     
A picture of Ron Higgins with Barbara Monteith, the widow of Dr. Stan Monteith.  Dr. Monteith hosted Radio Liberty for many years until his death in 2014.    
A picture of Ron Higgins (on the right) with three of the middle school students who were in one of Ron’s classes when he was substitute teaching in a charter school in the inner city of Los Angeles.    
A picture of Mr. and Mrs. Scott Smilely, Clint Didier, and Nate Higgins (Ron Higgins’ son).  Scott Smiley lost his eyesight when he was wounded while serving with the US Army in Iraq.  Clint Didier played in three Super Bowls for the Washington Redskins professional football team.       
Ron Higgins with a security officer at the University of Southern California.  The security officer played defensive back for the WSU Cougars.