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I am a Certificated High School Math Teacher in both Washington State and California.  I have substitute taught nearly every school day since 2009; all grades K-12, nearly all subjects – including bilingual (both Spanish and Russian) and special ed – in 7 Washington State school districts, including Richland, and both public and charter schools in the inner-city of Los Angeles.  I have taught in rural, urban, and suburban schools, to students of all ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds; I have taught in large and small schools, and in vocational and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) schools, and in alternative schools and the Juvenile Justice Center.  I have even taught in a charter school in inner-city Los Angeles that was sponsored by a Mosque.

  • Emphasize basic academics (English, math, and civics, especially the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence);
  • Treat boys as boys and girls as girls;
  • Promote sobriety and healthy lifestyles; 
  • Ensure that our schools produce men and women who are competent in communication, computation, and civics, so they become contributing citizens in our Constitutional Republic and free enterprise economy, and are knowledgeable of our nation’s liberty principles; who know how to learn (schooling ends, but learning never should); who are independent thinkers who can work well with others; who can courageously stand by the truth, even when unpopular.
  • Ensure that any programs that are implemented align with these priorities, convey truth, are age-appropriate, and foster academic excellence.       

Education and Credentials
MS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Washington, 1980
MS in Aeronautical Systems from the University of West Florida, 1970
BS in Chemistry from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, 1969
Professional Engineering License in mechanical engineering
Commercial pilot’s license, airplane (single and multiengine (land)), and helicopter
Certified Flight Instructor
Commercial Driver’s License (Pasco school bus driver during the 2010-2011 school year) 
Home Care Aide 

US public education has degenerated because of fads such as Common Core.  Political scientist Joel Skousen wrote: “public education has become a tax-paid socialist propaganda machine that stunts students’ intellectual and moral development and stifles independent thinking.”  Having substitute taught daily for 10 years in nearly every venue, I agree with Mr. Skousen.  There is much good in our schools, but some policies imposed by the educational hierarchy (such as Common Core) are counterproductive; we need common sense, not common core. You can view a video about Common Core at the following web address:

There is an on-going effort by some in academia to begin sexualizing our children beginning in kindergarten.  Such efforts are totally age-inappropriate and will lead to our children engaging in unhealthy sexual experimentation.  Ron Higgins is totally against the sexualization of our children.  Ron will vigorously oppose any efforts to sexualize our children and will oppose any program that encourages unhealthy behavior. You can view a video about Comprehensive Sexuality Education; but be warned: the video is very disturbing.  You can view the video at this web address:
I am pro-life, pro-family, pro-Constitution, including the Second Amendment, pro-property rights, pro-free enterprise, and pro-US sovereignty.  I support the rights of parents to homeschool their children, and I support the rights of workers to join, or not to join, unions.  My political philosophy: Tell the truth, obey the law, stay within budget, and hold accountable those who don’t.     

Work Experience
2009-Present: Substitute Teacher
1974-2009: Engineer and instructor/examiner for various organizations (US Department of Energy; Energy Northwest; US Nuclear Regulatory Commission; Hanford N-Reactor; Naval Reactors Facility, Idaho)
Military: US Marine Corps
1974-1991: Flew helicopters for the US Marine Corps Reserves; retired as a Lt. Col. from the US Marine Corps Reserves
1969-1974: Helicopter pilot in Vietnam during the Vietnam War; Training Officer for Marine Corps Air Station (H), Tustin, CA

Community Service 
Youth soccer referee; Boy Scout Leader and Cub Scout Master; Bible Study Fellowship children’s leader; Red Cross blood platelet donor; Union Gospel Mission volunteer

Richland resident since 1978. Married to wife Deborah since 1983. One son and one daughter, both Richland High School graduates; Nathan (son): BS from Gonzaga Univ. and MBA from the Univ. of Southern California, swam for the US in the Para-Pan-American Games in 2011; Abby (daughter): BS from Walla Walla Univ. and PhD in Mathematics Education from WSU Pullman, currently a college mathematics professor.    

My sister is a retired teacher, as is her husband.  Two of my nieces are teachers.  My mother was a teacher, as was her sister.  One of my mother’s aunts was a teacher, as was one of my father’s aunts.

Education, NOT Indoctrination!
Honor the past, value the present, prepare for the future

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